Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum
Services We Provide

Brainbuilders offers several program options based upon individual need. Each child's schedule of learning is designed to meet his or her needs, always placing an emphasis on language development and socialization.

Our program offers children and young adults, ages 3 to 21, individualized pre-academic, academic and socialization programs. Intensive one on one sessions and small-group activities teach children to relate to home and school environments, as well as participate in social situations.

Parents and educators collaborate in creating each child's goals to develop an individualized program that best suits the needs of the student. All interventions are data based; teachers, therapists, and parents directly observe performance and collect data, providing objective feedback and facilitating ongoing evaluation of progress. The individualized programs are continuously revised or redesigned as needed to insure each young person's continued growth.

Therapy Services Available Behavioral and Educational Evaluations
Functional Behavioral Assessments
Onsite and Home Services
Parent/Caregiver Training
Staff Training
Direct 1:1 Therapy
Supervision and Consultation
Behavior Plan Implementation
Social Skills Clubs
Anxiety Treatment
Selective Mutism Intervention
Applied Behavior Analysis
Verbal Behavior
Occupational Therapy
Speech and Language Therapy
Physical Therapy